Migraine and vision

Migraine and visionThank  you very much. Dolphin thank you for a an invite me to give this tool. I’m another incident vision I’m also interested in the visual and and representation in the Daytona and diseases particularly by patients. And any view came to the meeting in December on on visual arts in the brain will see the overlap in there said in the first part. This talk and so will begin with visual or .a is not things we could have talked about we could talk about photophobia in many other aspects but termed I’m gonna stick to these topics. So %um in fact I first became interested in the relationship between vision and and urology when I was a medical student. And my girlfriend and I visited to this town Nardin in Holland I’d never had a migraine. That she does have migraine and she took one look at this and said this is why migraine were is called fortification spectrum. I was a bit skeptical I did some research and discovered she was absolutely right and she’s been absolutely right about everything else ever since.