Ways to Treat a Migraine

how to treat a migraineThere  are five things that you should know in order to best manage your headache diagnosis. First of his know your diagnosis still less than fifty percent to people ever get diagnosed with my green that have it. Is very important to know with that what it is you’re dealing with. Secondly know your triggers that is not because causes are oftentimes genetic but what may set of an individual event. For example dehydration stress menstrual cycle. And if you know what the trigger is you can sometimes avoided. Third of you should keep a calendar. Because sometimes these headache a venture predictable. For example menstrual The Associated migraine. So you can at least be prepared to deal with the headache. Work fully you should keep your medication near you. Whatever it is you use for your headaches. Because in general you should treat early so works well but not too often that you run a risk getting headaches from the over-use of medication. Finally you should have a rescue treatment. That is something no other medication that you can use a bid to escape to somebody to help with responsibilities and to the event improves. In any case the first line treatment doesn’t always work. So it’s good to plan ahead.