Claritin, Dry Eye Syndrome (and migraine, too)

eye migraineHi  everybody in youtube land. Because a there’s such ish strong correlation between dry I use and migraine I me dry eye syndrome and migraine. I really want to raise awareness right now about the issue. A over-the-counter antihistamines such as Clairton and dry eyes. If you take cartoon or your attack or Benadryl any over those over-the-counter antihistamines on a freakin bases such as every day you really need to be on the lookout in case you star Guinness sometimes are dry eye syndrome. Such is your eyes achieving your eyes burning a lot of watery eyes American mimic allergies when it’s not when it starts watering and burning that’s not allergies it could be dry i’m. You really need a watch out for that I’m not saying. Don’t take Clairton but really gonna look up for that. Because arm once you get guy is really bad. A pic it can become a chronic condition in which you have take start taking the wrist a cyst drops twice a day. And you have to put lotsa I drops in and go through this rigmarole without it’s our it’s a hassle. And I prizes very uncomfortable trust me. It can really hurt it could edge like mad. It can if fields all times like i havent eyelash in your eye what is nothing in there it can feel like you have sand and grit in your eyes when there’s nothing in there. And also remember there is a strong connection between dry eye syndrome and migraines. And being that this is a youtube channel and migraines and my neck my green Associated vertigo 10 the best ways to tackle migraines overall is to go over the triggers and the possible triggers. Inbio look out for them and I have to tell you dry eye syndrome appears to be a very had to order for migraines even at my eye doctor who works with me on my dry syndrome and my convergence insufficiency and all that even she recognizes that there is a strong connection there. So if you take Clairton or benadryl or zyrtec in apparently Clairton from what i’ve read. Doe communist just look it up for yourself I’m no expert but look up for yourself apparently cluttered and appears to be the worst other birds for dry eye syndrome. And I believe without any hunter percent proof is how do you 100 percent prove this. I believe clarendon takin that every day for a long time was probably part of the reason why my dry syndrome is so bad. And now I’m having to be on the wrist aces twice a day and lots of I’d option I joel’s and go into misery. It could be part of the reason why it’s so bad. In my not be what caused it but don’t think it I I kinda don’t think it helped matters. Anyway keep in mind please. The issue a court n especially and dry eye syndrome and I just want you guys to be on the lookout for that. Because you don’t want to be in the in a place where your eyes are making your life absolutely miserable. Hoping having a great day. Opr sorry can’t talk today. Hope you don’t have to rise really bad. In if you do you really want to get that tester and taking care before really gets outta hand and makes your life to measurable. And I hope the weather is OK wherever you guys are. Opium a great day and i’ll talk to you later.