Chronic Fatigue, Insomnia, Tinnitus, Migraine

Migraine tinnitusYour.  I’m um improvements I that really stand out to me there’s a flood for I’m going to bed at night with no expectations sleeping and great chance man Clear Channel morning mash monumental. Arm and when I wake up I feel sharper are you just wake up from his nap she of take a long time to come your framework. I’ll also I feel I I feel like I lost me somehow it’s hard it’s fine but if you like timmy is coming back national. I agree with him %uh sleeping a lot better he used to snore. So loud you can hear down the hallway. On now I don’t hear that all. And he goes to sleep and stays asleep more now that he used to he used to get several times a night you were here downstairs. I’m short term memory address is slowly improving. I do notice him reading a lot more before he really could never be there for a while and say that read a lot more. It used to be a lot more normal now. Use you know. So slowly but surely you were. Traveling together .you won’t unicorn mmm driving it less dangerous. Driving for him is less dangerous. Ok still needs to do it but it’s a it’s less than Jess we don’t worry as much does small trips. Gonna right breakthrough hour.