Should bodybuilding during illness?

Should bodybuilding during illnessShould I exercise when sick or not?

Several years ago, I opened my browser and typed like “Bodybuilding disease” inquiry or “whether you can train during a cold.” Not that I did not know that the train is not necessary, but rather, wanted to find at least one argument “For”, naive fool yourself and still go to the gym sick. But the “For” there were no arguments. Then I broke down and all went well in the training. Unfortunately, neither of which is good came of it. First, the train was very buy steroids hard, and secondly, it became worse. As a result, I did not get a normal workout, nor has given rest to heal the body. Then I realized that bodybuilding and disease – are incompatible.

Do not force your body!

When a cold disease, acute respiratory disease, or some other diseases associated with viruses, etc., accompanied by high fever, cough, and others-can not train!

our body and so “shocked”. He works and works effectively, trying to overcome the disease, while spending a lot of energy.If you still go to the gym, it will be forced to abandon the fight against the disease by switching to the training and growth of muscle mass that you will not escalate in this period. As a result, you do not get a normal, full-fledged training, and the body has a greater threat and energy he is almost there. And above all, he has yet to recover from a workout. The likelihood  Migraines and vision even if there is not any deterioration – the benefits of such training is not enough. Bodybuilding Workouts during illness is better to postpone!

When the first symptoms of the disease – reduces the curb weight.

When the first symptoms of colds, flu, etc., it is necessary to reduce the curb weight. How much? Raza 2 !!!

Everyone feels that become sick. When these symptoms – do not exercise in a normal rhythm.

If you, for example, know that after those symptoms that you experience – definitely sick (from experience) – it makes sense at all to stop practicing. So you give the body extra energy to fight the disease. If everything is OK – a couple of days, you can go to the gym again.

In general, look at the state of health. But remember that bodybuilding and disease – it is better not to mix. From what you miss one or more training – will not be worse, because if you spend them in bed for several weeks.


How are training the force and weight of relief?

How are training the force and weight of reliefAmong the athletes there are rumors of a significant difference in the weight training program, strength and relief. In fact the differences are not so much the base of each program make the same exercise, the only change is the number of sets, repetitions, and a set of auxiliary exercises. For example, a powerlifter does not perform the exercise on the biceps or trapezoidal and bodybuilder to dry engaged only on simulators. But all this – extreme cases, for the full development of the body need to perform up to several dozen different exercises.
Thus, the most common myth concerns the number of repetitions for one approach.Beginners love to flaunt his knowledge in this field. Like, 2-6 repeat – is training the force 8-10 – on the weight of 12-15 – to the relief. More experienced athletes say that much depends on the body type. Above mentioned scheme with certain assumptions fit except that classic mesomorph. But the thin man does not make sense to perform 12-15 reps – it is dry and without lean muscle mass. “Fat Man”, on the contrary only by this program and should be addressed. Finally, even the most experienced and knows that the number of repetitions per treatment depends on the type of muscle, the number of sets and the complete list of the exercises. For example, the legs are trained to Migraines and fatigue
the maximum number of repetitions. By themselves, the legs are strong enough (even without training they always bear the weight of our body), they account for a significant part of the body weight (up to 45%), delayed a considerable part of the fat.
There are other nuances. For example, development of certain muscles. Already described legs, but the same is true for other muscles. If you pull-up on a daily basis, it is not necessary to wait for significant progress in muscle growth rate or increase the power performance of the biceps at the beginning of the execution of lifts for biceps. All this should be considered when choosing a workout regime. Typically, developed during training on muscle mass require a more frequent change of exercise program, higher loads and a greater number of repetitions approaches. Strength training in this case may be a long time to remain virtually unchanged – should only increase the weight of the shells. And work on the relief will require the implementation of a broad array of exercises with average weights. These exercises will only need from time to time to shuffle with each other. Also featuring training on strength, weight and terrain there is in the number of repetitions.Typically, strength training involve a minimum number of approaches that work on the weight – average, and relief – the maximum. In practice, for each athlete has its own rules, depending on what the body perceives its minimum and maximum.I was equally well known examples where power and relief exercise resulted in a significant increase in muscle mass. I know of examples where strength training yielded good results in terms of relief. And I know of cases where relief training resulted in an increase in power performance of the athlete. Equally important is the number of classes per week. So for the best fit to the relief of 5-6-day training scheme. For work on the weight of – 4.3 for operation on the power of – 2.3 (depending on the amount of power exercises when work on the principles pauerliftinga with three basic exercises, the 3-day, in practice, many athletes refuse to work on the back – then enough for two days). Finally, much depends on the diet. A set of muscle mass is accompanied by copious consumption of carbohydrates, proteins, and water. And work on the relief – only proteins.

Hugh Jackman – Wolverine workout

Hugh Jackman - Wolverine workoutThe star of films X-Men and Real Steel, Hugh Jackman has one of the best figures in Hollywood. From the rest of his colleagues in the shop it is different in that it supports a great form all year round, not from film to film.

Jackman Workouts include Phase 2 – on the weight and force. Each period lasts 6 weeks. When working on the weight, Hugh coach offers comply with specific tempo exercises – 3 seconds to lift the weight, 1 second to subsidence.

When working on the force – the goal is to work hard with near-maximal weights.

To achieve impressive relief, in the last week of each phase Hugh spends only 1 strength training and rest of the time is dedicated to interval cardio. These exercises are designed to banish superintensive and fat that may have accumulated in the previous week.

If you want to look like Hugh, use his approach – muscle growth at the buy steroids online expense of massonabornogo and strength training and maintain a low percentage of fat at the expense of proper nutrition and intense interval training. Secret excellent shape not to be as large as possible, and to maintain a low body fat percentage and remain relief.

Separately, it must be said about the coach Hugh Jackman. His name is Mike Ryan and he is also from Australia. Ryan knows about training Jackman more than anyone else – because it helps to “Wolverine” for 20 years. It was the beginning of the partnership, which has made Jackman demanded in those roles that required an impressive physique.

That’s what Mike Ryan talks about his stellar client: When Migraine tinnitus Hugh was training for a role in “Wolverine”, we called Baz Luhrmann, the director of another film, Hugh – drama “Australia”.

He said, “Hey, guys, slow down. With each frame of my film, he becomes more and more! I do not fit. ”

If you’ll take a closer look “Australia” – you will see a change Jackman.

Our philosophy is based on the fact that the training should be in the morning. Those who train in the afternoon or in the evening may not be well laid out, as “early birds.” Even if Hugh at 6 am shooting, it only means that he will be in the hall 4.

A typical workout Hugh Jackman lasts 90 minutes, which includes warm-up and power section and cardio. We never start without a 10-minute cardio workout.Training ends with 20 minutes of cardio. This could be running or swimming.

The system of Mike Ryan basic movements: squats, and various types of presses. This is the basis on which are superimposed auxiliary exercises and various training techniques.

“Every training session we add something new” – says Ryan – “Our training is based on immutable principles, but at the same time I have always tried to bring new ideas. We are changing the slope of the bench, playing with pace, weight, resting time, the duration of the workout. The same exercise can be carried out 10 different ways, using these tricks. ”

Here are the basic fitness tips from Mike Ryan, a coach Hugh Jackman:

  • Train in the morning – so you will achieve the maximum intensity.

  • Always warm up – not just cardio, but also with light weight before exercise.

  • Ensure progressive load – the weight must grow. Keep a training diary to keep track of all changes.

  • Change from time to time, pace, speed, angle, grip.

  • Feel the movement – completely concentrate on muscle activation in every moment, and not just try to finish quickly set.

  • Work with a coach – it helps with motivation.

  • Not peretreniruytes – expose the body of the load, which it really stand.

  • Fully relax honey workouts and a good night sleep – at least 7 hours.

50 tips how to make a relief press

50 tips how to make a relief press50 tips how to make a relief press

Many people complain about the fact that, no matter what exercises for the press, they do not perform, they are still fat! If you are one of them, then the whole thing might have in your diet. Here are my 50 tips on nutrition to help you lose fat and build a relief press.

1. Believe only real facts. In the process of dumping the fat is no magic. You need to follow a diet. In other words, ensure that you eat and drink, and limit yourself if necessary. If energy consumption is less than the number of calories, you will gain more fat. You must firmly grasp this rule, otherwise all your efforts will be doomed to failure.

2. Maintain or increase muscle mass. In other words, train with weights. Muscles – it is metabolically active matter, they need the calories. The more muscle you have, the more calories needed to maintain them, hence, the more you can eat and still lose fat.

3. Perform aerobic exercise. 45 minutes of work on the stepper or treadmill with a heart rate of 70% of the maximum oxygen consumption can help you burn about 500 calories and increase fat burning.

4. Write program supply. Count how many calories you need to consume per day, depending on the lean body mass, activity level, etc. Share it on the required number of calories you need the number of meals. Forming the menu for each meal, stick to the plan.

5. Be a fighter! Nurture the strength of will – you and only you can control what you eat. So who will win – you or a dish of cakes? Stick to what is included in your diet – and no self-deception!

6. Imagine your end result. Look at yourself in the mirror and try to see into the future. Imagine how you will look after 8 weeks – a slender, lean … So the decision is yours.

 7. Drop in better on the TV screen, not in the refrigerator. Get rid of the habit of wandering around the apartment, constantly looking in the fridge. It’s time to grow up! You do so when you were a kid. In addition, there is in fact nothing but a dietary food, right?

8. Hang a picture of where you are in great shape, on the refrigerator door. Every time you open the fridge, you will see Migraine symptoms aura this picture, and it will encourage you to behave properly. But if you’ve never been in a good shape.

9. Hang on the wall of the refrigerator picture fat, ugly fat man in a bathing suit. At least, if you lose your appetite.

10. Do not eat before going to sleep. During sleep, very little fuel is required – all the other calories must be stored somewhere, because it is very unlikely that they will be burned. It will take at least two hours between eating and going to bed.

11. Eat a little but often. Between meals should take no more than 3 hours. Frequent meals maintain a constant energy level and prevent the occurrence of severe hunger.

12. Throughout the day, consume carbohydrates with a low glycemic index. Slowly digestible carbohydrates, such as beans, yams and pasta from durum wheat flour, will maintain a constant blood sugar level. Sahara, contained in some fruits, fruit juices, refined and processed foods, causing large fluctuations in insulin levels. Bursts of insulin increase the postponement of fat. Plus, you will continue to feel hungry and can therefore eat more.

13. You can not sit at the table with a strong sense of hunger. You can consume hundreds of extra calories, if thoughtlessly approach to eating. If you think that you are so hungry you can eat a horse, start with a low-calorie mill loaf of whole grains. It will take some time chewing. And this will be enough to satisfy some hunger. Thus, sitting at the table, you will not go for the food.

14. Eat special nutritional supplements for burning fat. Research scientists confirmed that the thermogenic drugs help the body to burn more fat and keep the dry weight by suppressing appetite and thus increasing the energy level.

15. Eat foods rich in fiber. Salads, green leafy vegetables, etc. fill the stomach, help cleanse the intestines and are negligibly small number of calories.

16. Eat a low-fat food. Not more than 20% of the calories that make up each of the meals should come from fat. How to calculate it? (See item 17).

17. Look at the product label. A huge amount of sugar may be hiding under the label with the words “90% fat free”, “light”, “low fat”, etc. Sugar should be disclosed separately from all the carbohydrates, and should indicate the amount of fat per serving. Well, if indicated on the label data based on the net weight, not calories. You can easily calculate! One gram of fat contains 9 calories.

18. Keep a food journal. Write down there all that you eat and drink, count calories. This is the only way to be absolutely sure that you are within your calories.

19. Avoid the use of so-called “fast food”. Hamburger, french fries and other such food – all that does not correspond to your diet. If you live under the same roof with those who did not agree to put up with the lack of biscuits and chips in your kitchen cupboard and does not want to eat properly, see point 1!

20. Do not go shopping, being hungry. In your bag as a result of this may be a lot of contra-you, but looking appetizing products. In advance make a list and stick to it.

21. Do not go for the products in those shops, where a very rich variety of food. This one accident chocolate bar contains as much fat and sugar! And would you settle for just one?

22. If you are preparing a meal for more than one person, you can apply the dressing separately. If you know the size of your portions, in accordance with this, add the seasoning already directly at the table.

23. Do not speculate. At first all accurately weighed and measured. How many calories are in this huge plate grano-ly low in fat? One of my friends ate on a plate and thought it was fine. I weighed it and literally shocked it with the information that is contained 800 calories there. And that’s not counting milk! Specifically, it is not normal.

24. Stay away from the food. Eat, wash their dishes and go to the kitchen. Go hang out somewhere else.

25. Do not look at advertising. During a food advertising you leave the room. Poydte drink of water, call, go get the mail, etc. For obvious reasons, food manufacturers are constantly releasing new products on the market and touted their advantages just when you are on a diet. (This is especially felt in the evening.)

26. Tell others that you are on a diet. Then you can count on the fact that your friends and relatives may take pity on you and will not be offered a snack to go with them.

27. Do not get too removed from the mirror. If all else fails, and your will power is not enough, remove the shirt and stand in front of a mirror in good light. The best critic – is you. Well you look or bad – looking at yourself in the mirror, you are unlikely to go to the fridge.

28. Praise yourself. A positive attitude can do wonders, affecting your attitude towards your diet and your willpower.

29. cook themselves a meal. Do not count on the fact that any restaurant will want to count calories and prepare for you to eat without butter. Prepare your own meals for yourself in advance and carry.

30. Avoid fad diets. If they are, then only briefly. The only way to get rid of fat is as simple as two and two make four.

31. Do not punish yourself. If you still have broken, go back to your diet back to the place where you have gone with her.You can not make up for it by fasting and excessive aerobic exercise.

32. Allow yourself to relax sometimes. Constant dieting can drive you crazy. At least once a week, eat a pizza or something like that. I do not recommend it in the pre-competition period. But if you once a week, pamper yourself “normal food”, then the results of your diet designed for a long time will not be affected.

33. Eat spices and green tea. Cayenne pepper, red pepper, chili and spicy sauce is not only improve the taste of the non-nutritive food without adding excessive calories, but research shows scientists have a thermogenic effect, which helps to burn more fat.

34. Do not carry loose change. If your pocket is empty, and so will your stomach, no matter how much you’ll meet on the way food stalls and snack bars.

35. Do not spend too much time alone. Talking to someone can help you withstand the interval between meals.

36. Maintain relationships with other people, just like you are located on a diet . Any difficulties require complicity. If the diet you have a fixed idea about the food, which you miss most, your colleagues will help you resist the temptation.

37. Weigh and measure the amount of fat in the body at least once a week. The fluctuations in the range of 0.5-1 kg or so are possible day by day. Weekly results will show your real progress and how effective you are dieting.

38. The photo taken before starting a diet. How would you look awful either, you should strive to look better. The best reward your efforts will be a visible improvement in appearance.

39. endeavor to improve their appearance. If you look as if your favorite accessory – a food basket stuffed with cans, forget it. According to Fernando Lamas, “if you look good, and feel good” – and if you feel good and confident in their appearance, the chance to break the diet you have less.

40. Prepare the first dishes. The main component of the soup – it is water. In the water, there is no calories. The quantity of calories for one meal can be greatly reduced if it is soup. Vegetables, chicken and noodles 100g (weight is indicated for dry product) in combination with 3-4 cups of low-fat chicken broth – it will be a huge amount of food to eat it will need more than an hour.

41. When ordering food in a restaurant, make their own adjustments. Restaurant meals are usually accompanied by some bold garnish, like french fries or potato salad. Ask the waiter to fill in this part of the plate of fruit, low-fat cottage cheese or just boiled potatoes, or make some foods from the menu.

42. Order sauces and salad dressings alone. Even seemingly useful sauces can contain a huge number of calories.Dipping fork in the dressing before you scoop up her food, you will add the taste of food without consuming extra calories.

43. Prepare cocktails. You feel hungry between meals? You can enjoy a cocktail with a high content of protein and low in carbohydrates.

44. Do not skip meals. Forcing yourself to starve, you are doom to fail a diet. Firstly, feeling hungry, the body slows down metabolism to conserve energy, and begins to get rid of the tissues that are metabolically active – that is, the muscles that you are so eager to save. Then you feel very hungry, feed signals that it is time to eat. Unfortunately, when this signal reaches the goal, you empty out the fridge like a hurricane. So eat regularly to avoid overeating.

45. Be creative in cooking. Dietary food bored faster than my wife empties credit card. You want a pizza? A thin pita, fresh tomatoes, low-fat mozzarella and green – get a great pizza, which corresponds well with the diet requirements. Want patty with cheese? Use low-fat cheese. It is only necessary to make a little effort, and diet will be much nicer.

46. to do something. When you have nothing to do, you will find hundreds of reasons to head to the fridge.

47. Part-time -. The most inconvenient for food Even the most disciplined of a diet can not survive without food, sitting in front of the TV in the evening. In that case, keep in the refrigerator is always low-calorie foods that you can chew – fresh herbs, chopped bell pepper slices. If you still have few calories, then filled with air popcorn is perfect – it takes a lot of space and contain at the same time low in calories.

48. Keep the refrigerator half-cooked foods. It is possible to reduce the cooking time to a minimum, if kept in the refrigerator ready turkey breast, chicken breast grilled slices of lean steak, boiled noodles or rice, etc. The less time you give cooking – the less you will have time to intercept the food during this time.

49. As a dessert you can cook the jelly without sugar. It is easily prepared and contains few calories.

50. Eat food supplements. I accept and recommend to all additives such as meal replacement on the basis of whey protein, glutamine and a good multivitamin and multimineral preparation rich in antioxidants. This is very important because dieting increases the burning of fat and the formation of free radicals.

What if I do not grow muscles? 20 squats!

What if I do not grow musclesDo you have muscle mass? No? Then try to train legs – hard! Squats. It sounds strange, does not it? Of course, you have to train the legs correctly to gain weight and build a balanced figure. However, you will be surprised at the number of people practicing, but perform very few sit-ups or do not do any work at all on their feet.

It is striking and the fact that many of those who still trains the legs, make the same mistake of focusing on the extensions and leg curls, leg press and on similar exercises.They avoid such rapid weight are building exercises like deadlifts and squats, probably because they are heavy. Indeed, squats or deadlifts are able to bring you to the nausea, but the fact is that at least one of these exercises are a must if you want to build great legs in a short time. Plus, they provide you an overall muscle growth. Today I want to introduce you to two specialized programs for the legs, so you start.

Squats with 20 repetitions of barbell

Many years ago, this training program has been very popular among serious bodybuilders trainees who want to quickly Migraine relief build size. In addition, police forced their coaches often athletes perform vysokopovtornye squats to transform them from boys into men. Several years ago, a similar program has been re-popularized Strossenom Randall (Randall J. Strossen) in his excellent book “Super Squats”. This is the essence of the program.

At the bar, set the weight with which you can perform squats in good shape in ten repetitions, preferably in a power rack.Before each repetition make three deep breaths and then lower yourself into a deep squat. (Yes, No deep partial repetitions of sit-ups or parallel to the floor -. Of course, if your knees in your order).

This manner of breathing allows you to perform more than ten repetitions. If you stay on the fourteenth or fifteenth – no problem. Just work and more with this weight until you reach twenty. You will become stronger with almost every workout.After reaching 20 reps, increase the weight by 5 kg and start again. Take care of pilot training partner and / or a strong power rack. Train on an empty stomach, otherwise you will be able to see you on the floor recently eaten meal. It is best to take food for two hours before your workout.

And now the actual training program:

Monday and Thursday

Squats 1×20
immediately without a break
Jackets with a dumbbell 1h15-20
Rest for five minutes
Climbs on socks standing in the slope 1h15-20
Deadlift with straight legs 1h15
Presses lying 1h8-10
Dilution hands on an incline bench 1h8-10
Traction rod in the slope or on a low block 1h8-10
Pulling or thrust down 1h8-10
Presses rod because of the head 1h8-10
Presses lying 1h8-10 narrow grip barbell curls 1h8-10
Crunchie 1h15-20

Perform this program twice a week. Some can train three times – on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Work as six weeks and make sure that the calorie content of your diet was high enough. If you have a weak part of the body, you can perform on them and on the two approaches. For example, if the calves are lagging behind, it is possible to do upgrades on your toes while standing in the slope in two sets.

Hate squats or simply not made for them? Then you deadlift. Here is another program:

Monday and Thursday

Deadlift 2h8-10
immediately after
Jackets with a dumbbell 2×15
Rises on the toe of one foot or the upgrades on your toes while standing on the simulator 1h15-20
Alternating lunges and leg presses 1h10-12
Presses rod on an incline bench 1h8-10
Dilution hands on a flat bench or hand information on the simulator Peck December 1h8-10
Push-ups on the floor with his feet on a stand or bench presses on a simulator 1h8-10
Grip pullups bottom or thrust down on the high grip block bottom 1h8-10
Dilution folded arms standing in the slope 1h8-10
Alternately dumbbell presses 1h8-10
Tritsepsovye extensions lying 1h8-10
Curls on an incline bench 1h8-10
Crunchie 1h15-20

Training increasing density (EDT)

I recently read a wonderful book, strength coach Charles Staley (Charles Staley) “The Ultimate Guide to Massive Arms: Escalating Density Training”. Yes, I know that the subject of the book is the question of increasing the size of the hands, but we can apply the concept of EDT to each body part (well, almost everyone). Here’s how it works.

Take two antagonistic exercises such as squats and deadlifts with straight legs. Squats are aimed at the development of the quadriceps and deadlift for study hamstrings (with proper technique). Do them one by one with the maximum number of repetitions for 15 minutes. Take the weight with which will be able to do 10 repetitions skilful and perform five repetitions.Rest 30 seconds and perform five repetitions with a weight that allows to do ten, in another exercise – the opposite muscle group. For example, five reps squats, rest 30 seconds, then five reps in the deadlift with straight legs. Again, rest 30 seconds and five repetitions in the squat – and so 15 minutes.

With the onset of fatigue extend the breaks and do less reps. After 15 minutes, write down how many reps you do each exercise. (If you have not brought a training journal, start it on the next workout!) Your goal – at the next session to exceed these figures.

When working on the EDT procedure do not aspire to the abandonment and rest between workouts at least two days. The rest of the work for the upper body should be translated into support mode – all the energy on the EDT.

A growth hormone

A growth hormoneHormones talk a lot, and this topic has recently become more and more interested in a wide range of non-professional athletes. There are a lot of questions on the use of GR in order to increase body weight, the action of the side effects of growth hormone, as well as on the options and availability of the GR in the Russian market. On these and other questions I tried to answer in this article. Those who are not interested in the technical side of hormone action, you can immediately go to the second part of the article “the practical application of the GR non-medical purposes.”

Growth hormone and its mechanism of action. Growth hormone (GH) – a protein produced and secreted by the anterior pituitary. Of all the hormones produced by the pituitary gland it is the most abundant. Formation and secretion of growth hormone regulates hypothalamic releasing hormone and somatostatin. Both of these factors produced by the hypothalamus. GH is produced throughout life. GH increases production during growth of the organism up to about 20 years and then decrease with age, with an average speed of 14% per decade.

Functions of growth hormone. GH stimulates both linear growth and the growth of internal organs.It causes an increase in the number and size of muscle cells, liver, thymus gland, gonads, adrenal and thyroid glands. It has impact on the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Inhibits the activity of enzymes that degrade amino acids enhances insulin growth factors I and II (IGF I and II) in the serum to stimulate collagen synthesis in bone, skin and other organs and tissues. GH increases glucose output in hepatic veins, increases gluconeogenesis (formation of glucose from non-carbohydrate precursors), reduce the absorption of glucose in the periphery, but also enhances lipolysis (fat breakdown), thereby increasing the concentration of free fatty acids in the blood, which inhibit insulin action on a membrane glucose transport.

The effect on protein synthesis. GH stimulates the transport of amino acids into muscle cells and also enhances protein synthesis, regardless Migraine doctor of the effect on amino acid transport. People receiving GH arises positive nitrogen balance, reflecting an overall increase in protein synthesis and a decrease of amino acids and urea in plasma and urine. These changes are accompanied by an increase in the synthesis of RNA and DNA levels in certain tissues. In this regard, GR deystrie some effects similar to insulin.

The impact on carbohydrate metabolism. In terms of effects on carbohydrate metabolism, growth hormone is an antagonist of insulin. Hyperglycemia occurring after administration of GH – the result of a combination of reduced peripheral glucose utilization and increased its production by the liver in the process of gluconeogenesis. By acting on the liver, GH increases the glycogen content in it, probably due to activation of gluconeogenic amino acids. GH can cause violation of certain stages of glycolysis (breakdown of glucose in the tissues) and inhibit the glucose transport. Inhibition of breakdown of glucose in the muscles may also be due to the mobilization of fatty acids from triatsilglitserolovyh reserves.

Effects on lipid metabolism. Growth hormone has a powerful lipolytic action. Enhanced lipolysis processes with increased mobilization of fat depot, which leads to a rapid increase in the concentration of free fatty acids in plasma and their oxidation in the liver. The energy produced at an increased breakdown of fats, used in anabolic processes in protein metabolism.

Regulated secretion and synthesis. On GH secretion affects a number of incentives (sleep, stress), and she, like many of the secretion of pituitary hormones is episodic and pulsating character. Within minutes of GH level in plasma can be changed 10 times. One of the biggest peaks observed soon after falling asleep, which confirms the saying: “Who does not sleep, he does not grow.” Other incentives include stress (pain, cold, anxiety, surgery), exercise, hypoglycemia or acute starvation, protein foods or amino acid arginine. Possible connection of these and many other effectors to the main physiological effect of GH consisting in sbereganii glucose. Under stress, hypoglycemia during sleep or fasting GH stimulates lipolysis (fatty acid intake) and penetration into the cells of amino acids (potential substrates of gluconeogenesis), thus saving glucose for brain metabolism. On release of GH influences many agents, including estrogen, dopamine, alpha-adrenergic compounds, serotonin, opioid polypeptides gut hormone and glucagon. The point of application of all these factors is the ventromedial nucleus of the hypothalamus, which carried out the regulation of growth hormone secretion by feedback type. Short loop system includes a positive (stimulatory) secretion regulator – somatoliberin – and negative (inhibitory) control – somatostatin.

Physiological and biochemical effects. Insulin-like growth factors (IGF). The growth-stimulating effect of GH is primarily determined by the IGF-1, which is produced in the liver. IGF-1 regulates GH secretion by inhibiting the release of somatoliberin and stimulating the release of somatostatin. IGF-1 gene, which belongs to the family of insulin gene, was originally known as “sulfonating factor” due to its ability to stimulate the incorporation of sulfate into cartilage, it later became called somatomedin C. As it is similar to the structure of proinsulin. In human plasma detected another related peptide – insulin-like growth factor-2 and IGF-1 and IGF-2 bind to membrane receptors, however they may be separated by a specific radioimmunoassay. IGF-1 consists of 70 amino acids of IGF-2 – 67. In spite of the fact that the content of IGF-1 in plasma half the content of IGF-2, IGF-1 is similar to detect effects of GH. Individuals deficient IGF-1, IGF-2 producing sufficient lack the ability to normal growth. Insulin-like growth factors (IGF-1 and IGF-2) are not pancreatic hormones, but nonetheless close to insulin in structure and function. Effect of insulin on the growth and replication (division) of cells is difficult to separate from the similar effects of the IGF-1 and IGF-2.

Indeed, insulin and insulin-like growth factors may interact in this process. Insulin exerts a strong influence on the metabolism than insulin-like growth factors, but the latter strongly stimulates cell growth. Each of these hormones has its specific receptor. These hormones are capable of some degree of cross-binding to receptors than may explain their inherent biological activity is mixed. IGF-1 and IGF-2 are single chain polypeptides consisting of amino acids 70 and 67 respectively. Degree of correspondence between the two hormones reaches 62%, and 50% amino acid residues in each of them identical to those of insulin. The molecules of these growth factors have different antigenic sites and differently regulated. IGF-I stimulates the growth of cartilage and the number of processes in cartilaginous tissue: transport of amino acids, the synthesis of RNA, DNA, protein, chondro-itin sulfate, collagen. Growth factors also exhibit insulin-like activity: muscle – a stimulation of transport of amino acids (the process proceeds much faster under the influence of IGF than influenced by growth hormone) and glucose, the formation of collagen, protein synthesis; in adipose tissue – stimulation of glucose transport, glucose to CO oxidation, incorporation of glucose into lipids, inhibition of lipolysis (similar to the mechanism of insulin action). Thus, growth hormone implements biological action through the formation of somatomedins (IGF-1 and IGF-2), which are formed in the liver and other peripheral tissues and mediate the anabolic, influence the growth hormone somatotropin. The last exercise their action by means of hormonal, paracrine or autocrine mechanisms.

Practical application of growth hormone for non-medical purposes.

After reading mostly the same article on GH on the known and not very hyped sites, I came to believe that the Internet truthful information about the use of hormone virtually none. Various types of literature Bulanov sold in sports stores, also in doubt, we need only pick up a good reference book on medicine, so as always have to eksperimentrirovat. Having experienced the effect of GH in different dosages and combinations, I came to the conclusion that GH is really a potent drug for muscle growth and reduce body fat. However, in order to achieve an impressive result when receiving the GR required a number of conditions, which can observe only a very limited number of people. And it’s not even about the money, it’s in your chart of life, which must be completely subordinated to the nutrition, training … and injections that can be simply incompatible with work and other conditions of life for many. In advance, we note that the correct and effective use of GR can a high level of training of athletes with a large enough experience not only training, but also the use of other doping agents. For example, an ordinary rocking, dreaming to have biceps to 45-47 cm (and possibly more) should not think about the immediate use of GR, it can get what you want and when using other drugs, all takes time and effort, though, if any athlete starts the right to build their training schedule, nutrition and concomitant medications, then the ability to use a GR competitor can get much better results.

Dosages. So, what is it like to a course of growth hormone? Drug activity determined by biological and expressed in units which can action (ED). In professional sports, the growth hormone is widely used, such as dosing athletes range from 4 to 8 units per day, which is clearly not enough for a set of extraordinary muscle mass. Growth hormone has a pronounced anabolic effect, as well as when it is observed using cell hyperplasia tissues and organs (increasing the number of structural elements of the cell due to their excessive formation). This effect is by far the most important for bodybuilders, can occur only at relatively long-term use of large doses of GH. Duration should be at least 3 months, and at least 12-16 dosage units per day, administered for 2-3 injections. Such dosages need for accelerated muscle cell hypertrophy in turn leads to hyperplasia have these cells. In the application of lower dosages of these processes are too slow to really robust growth was lean body mass. It should be remembered that the receptors quickly become accustomed to the hormone and also do not have to chop it too long, and yet that’s why GR should be taken in large doses. The course can last 3-4 months, after which the rest should follow, equal to the length of the course in the first half of which will still be seen fairly strong effects of hormone action. Of course, GR can be taken for six months and more, but in small doses of 2-4 units per day, then the buds will be much slower to get used to, but it is achieved with the full effect of hypertrophy and hyperplasia of muscle cells is almost impossible.Dosages up to 10 units per day is not for bodybuilders, if they are really ambitious.